Monday, June 9, 2008

Generation Dead-- Daniel Waters

Imagine you lived in a society where the dead don't stay dead. If you happens to die sometime in your adolescence, there is a good change you will return... as a zombie. Except here's the deal: don't call them zombies (unless you are a zombie yourself, of course). The prefered term is Differently Biotic, or Living Impaired. Basically these undead teens are just like any other teenager... except they no longer need to eat, sleep, breathe or do all those annoying human things that keep our bodies moving.

Phoebe is your typical goth kid... and she knows it. But just because she has long (dyed) black hair, wears Victorian inspired clothes with killer black boots, and goes through a black eyeliner pencil every week doesn't mean you can judge her by the way she looks. When the undead teens started showing up, everyone expected a girl like her to crush on one of the zombies... and she scoffed at the idea... until she discovers that she DOES like one of them after all. When some of her more closed minded classmates begin very violent attacks on some of the Differently Biotic, Phoebe finds herself in physical danger as well, and has to make some tough decisions about life and love.

Generation Dead is one of those hard to categorize books. Both boys and girls will like it because it is jointly narrated by a male and female character (and who doesn't love zombie books, hello?). However, the cover of the book will appeal more to girls. This book encompasses the horror, comedy, coming-of-age, and romance genres, mixing them all together in a fun and very entertaining way. Also, this book is a good one for sharing the message that stereotype and prejudice are not ok... even if the prejudice is against a member of the undead.

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