Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mock Printz 2010!

A fabulous local school librarian and I collaborate on a Mock Printz event in January. This is our second year, and we are hoping it will be a success! We gather with teachers, teens, and librarians to discuss the ten titles on our list and choose which book we think should win the actual Printz Award.

I thought I would post our reading list here, just in case you wanted to read the books too. It is always a tricky process choosing the books... is it just me, or are all the good books published at the end of the year?? Inevitably, there will be something we missed, but we have to get the list to participants early enough for them to read all 10.

We create our list by frantically reading as much as we can, reading reviews, and gathering opinions of library staff through listserves, etc. I haven't blogged all these books yet, but I will go back and link them when I do. Let me know what you think!

Wintergirls-- Laurie Halse Anderson

If I Stay-- Gayle Foreman

Marcelo in the Real World-- Francisco X. Stork

Andromeda Klein-- Frank Portman

Punkzilla-- Adam Rapp

Distant Waves-- Suzanne Weyn

Tales from Outer Suburbia-- Shaun Tan

When You Reach Me-- Rebecca Stead

The Monstrumologist-- Rick Yancey

Liar-- Justine Larbalestier


Anne Bennett said...

We got our list of books from you and Paige and will be holding our Mock Printz Workshop after school today. How did you go about selecting the books on your list? I want to create a list next year but don't even know where to begin other than using popular titles.

HydroJen said...

We read many, many YA books and got our hands on as many ARCs as possible. We also spent time reading reviews, other book review blogs, and just talking with other librarians and teachers about YA books. I also read many list-serves and try to keep up with trends. Overall, it's a gamble, and we hope we can pick a few gems!