Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Headlong-- Kathe Koja

The Vaughn School is for serious academics. If you attend this school, you are serious about your education, future, and life in general. This isn't boarding school for social deviants or rich girls in headbands and knee socks. The Vaughn School girls work hard for their grades, will attend Ivy League universities, and will have careers.

But for whatever reason, the administration has decided to diversify a little bit and admitted Hazel, the artist/rebel/speak-your-mind bad girl. Lily is a lifer at Vaughn and a legacy student. When she decides to switch from day to boarding her sophomore year, she realizes that she has less in common with the other girls, and more with Hazel. This is a story of self-discovery, friendship, and life in general.

My summary honestly doesn't do this book justice. It's told in first person, from Lily's perspective. She kindof hero-worships Hazel ala Pudge and Alaska from Green's Looking for Alaska except Lily's feelings for Hazel are platonic. Also the chapters are not sequential... we get bits of the story here and there, but somehow it all falls together just right. I would recommend this book to girls who want to read about real not fluffy friendship, and those who enjoy boarding school books like Looking for Alaska and Jellicoe Road.


Sadako said...

Ooh, looks really good. Have not heard of it, but I like it.

Really liking your blog! The books you like seem a lot like the types I would!

HydroJen said...

Thanks, glad you like my blog! I love book recommendations, so if you read something that sounds like what I typically review, pass on the title to me!