Monday, May 11, 2009

Shimmer-- Dallas Reed

A box made out of human flesh. Open it and shimmering wasp-like dust will fly out and settle on you. Run away, run away NOW because if that dust touches you, you will be unable to control your urges...

Shimmer is a piece of light-horror fiction set in the remote Colorado town Winter. There is a big divide between the rich kids and the working-class kids, and as we've learned from Gossip Girl, rich kids throw wicked parties. At Justin's party, the queen bee Tess finds a box in Justin's dad's office. Although it feels disgusting and appears to be constructed of flesh, she opens it and releases hell on all the party-goers. Nerds, Betina and Emma who also happen to be at the party, are the only ones to keep their heads amongst the madness. Emma closes the box and takes it away. She doesn't know what's going on, but the cold chill of evil has spread and all she knows is that she needs to get the box away from the now insane rich kids. Persuit, betrayal, fear, sin, and love continue the story's plot.

This novel is a thinly veiled Pandora's Box retelling and I can honestly think of quite a few teens who might like this... still, it wasn't particularly well-written or captivating to me, the adult reader. I love it when I can find teen fiction that is well-written AND has high teen appeal. For whatever reason those seem pretty few and far between for me this year. Anyway, I would recommend this book to teens (especially girls, but not exclusively) who like light horror (kinda scary but not gory or nightmare inducing), mythology, retellings of folk tales, and suspense.

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