Monday, July 7, 2008

Jars of Glass-- Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler

Chloe is an artist. Shana is a goth girl who uses white makeup to mask her inner turmoil. Micah is their adopted brother who doesn't speak and eats sugar by the bagful. Their father runs a funeral home in theory, but mostly sits on the roof drinking cheap whiskey and chain smoking cartons of cigarettes. Where is Chloe and Shana's mother? She is locked away in a mental institution after angels told her to place her son's hand on the stove.

Jars of Glass is narrated in alternating chapters by the sisters Chloe and Shana. While they each have a distinct voice, the story blends together well. Overall, the book was okay, but isn't a title that will linger with me for longer than a couple of months. The story is well written, but a bit tired. I get bored reading about how all goth kids are emotionally stunted and about abusive parents who are so worthless they don't even have a name. The plot felt a bit recycled, and while it was engaging enough for me to read in just a few days, there wasn't anything stand-out about it. I would give this book to teens who liked Barkley and Hepler's Scrambled Eggs at Midnight, or girls who like weepy sad stories that wrap up nicely at the end.


jaynie_p said...

This book is hardly wrapped up nicely at the fact, it's rather dark. Did you even read it? Book reviews are supposed to be about giving readers a deeper understanding, not just offering up your own lame opinion. I mean, in the end, who cares what you think?

HydroJen said...

Of course I read it! I would NEVER post my opinion about a book I did not read... I don't consider myself an unbiased reviewer of books... just someone who shares her opinion about what she reads.

Thank you for sharing your opinion, because if we all liked the same books there would be no need for variety would there?

abbie2 said...

This book is about as sick as the two writers. They can't accept criticism, so pretend to be a teen reader and say that maybe the critic doesn't understand the book. Always.

Katia said...

I havent read this one yet but I loved Dream Factory. One of the funniest books ever. I am looking forward to the new one and its on my TBR list.