Thursday, July 17, 2008

Body Drama-- Nancy Redd

I do believe I have stumbled upon the best "what is happening to my body" book for teen girls that I have ever seen. I SO wish this book existed when I was an adolescent! Finally, an honest book that gives the answers girls really want to know. This book would be perfect for the teen girl who needs information, but doesn't want to actually talk to someone about her problems.

Body Drama has real photographs, not the cartoon-y drawings many books have. The photos are of real, not airbrushed teen girls in every shape, size, and color. While this book does not glorify unhealthy weight, it does portray girls who are not stick-thin as healthy and beautiful women. I do feel that I should mention this: the pictures are taken very clearly and close-up. If you have a conservative or extremely shy teen, this book might embarrass her. I have never seen such honest photography in a book meant for youth, and be warned, there are close up pictures of body parts you never thought you would see in this format in a teen book. One of the last pages has small photos of 30 nude girls. They are not sexual at all; they are just a celebration of healthy female bodies.

On various blogs, I have read that some libraries are placing this book in the adult section due to the honesty of the photographs. I am proud that FVRL has placed this teen book where it belongs: in the YA Nonfiction section.

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