Thursday, June 3, 2010

Every Little Thing in the World-- Nina de Gramont

Sydney's 16 and a goody two-shoes... and pregnant. Her BFF Natalia just found out her parents are really her grandparents and that her older sister is really her mother. The only person who knows about Sydney's pregnancy is Natalia, and all of a sudden her views on abortion just got really complicated.

When Sydney and Natalia get busted attending a kegger, Sydney's parents send her on a long canoeing camping trip in Canada. They don't know she's pregnant and think the nature excursion might help her find what really matters in life. At the last minute Natalia finagles a spot in the group, and over the course of the summer both girls learn more about themselves and each other.

In typical summer camp fashion, other friendships and close bonds are developed, adventures are had, and tough decisions need to be made. But when the summer comes to a close, will Sydney listen to Natalia's pleas to keep her baby, or will she get the abortion that seems like the most logical choice.

Honestly, I was surprised by this book. I was so worried that it would be schmaltzy and unrealistic. I think de Gramont captures what it feels like to be a teen, invincible yet extremely fragile all at once. I would give this book to people who read Sarah Dessen, and fans of Jumping Off Swings.

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