Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everything Is Fine-- Ann Dee Ellis

Mazzy's mother is clinically depressed and won't get out of bed.
Mazzy's father has abandoned the family in pursuit of a career in sports journalism.
Mazzy's neighbor Norma won't stop hugging her.
Mazzy's friend Colby won't be her boyfriend.
Mazzy doesn't have any food to eat.

But everything is fine.

This book is a hybrid verse-novel and regular novel. Each page looks similar to the format I have written in above... each line is independent and each chapter is very short, more like a poem. After a tragic accident tears her family apart, Mazzy has to become the parent and caregiver for herself and her bedridden mother. Although we are never told what age Mazzy is, she seems like a child of maybe 10-12. However, people treat her as if she were older and the cover photo shows a girl who is maybe 14-15. While this story sounds quite tragic, Mazzy's voice and perspective are so compelling, you can't put it down. Because if its short length and structure, I am sure this book will be popular with teens, especially girls. I would recommend this book to readers who liked So B. It by Sarah Weeks.

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Anonymous said...

This is a hauting book that has stayed with me well after I've finished reading it. "Love, Aubrey" by Suzanne LaFleur has a similar feel.