Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Same Difference-- Siobhan Vivian

Poor little rich girl heads off to Art School and comes home an expert on that which is Real vs that which is Corporate.

But not exactly...

Same Difference is a simple and predictable novel, but an entertaining read none-the-less. Emily grew up in a subdivision of McMansions in a suburb of Philadelphia. Her best friend Meg lives across the street. Their favorite activities include going to Starbucks, hanging out by the pool, and looking for a boyfriend. But when Meg finds a boyfriend, suddenly Emily is the third wheel. She decides to take an summer Art intensive in the city, and there she meets wildchild Fiona and superhot professor's assistant Yates. Suddenly, her sheltered square-box life in Cherry Grove isn't so special, and Emily looks for ways to become her own unique person.

While the plot of this book was definitely not something new, I did enjoy it, and I think teen girls will too. I would recommend this book to teen girls who like books on finding one's place in the world, and reconstructing one's identity.

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