Monday, April 6, 2009

Eternal-- Cynthia Leitich Smith

Are you sick of vampires yet? If so, that's too bad because more and more vampire fiction keeps rollin' on into the YA section of your library! Luckily teens still seem into the genre, and we now have more to offer them than Twilight and Anne Rice.

Eternal is the story of Miranda, who is an Eternal. Don't call her a vampire (that's liable to get you killed), and if you double-cross her you might end up beheaded by the Dracula. Abducted and in some ways liberated from her mundane human existence, the Dracula "adopts" her, raises her in his image, and hopes that one day she will take over his kingdom. Dracula isn't a person, rather a title, and it's the most respected one among the Eternal population. Miranda is mostly happy with her brutal existence... it sure beats being a wallflower. Still, something is missing...

And then, she meets Zachary. The first thing to know about Zachary is that he is heartwrenchingly gorgeous (Duh. I mean this is a teen novel right? The male heartthrob isn't going to be anything less..) Zachary is totally 100% completely in love with Miranda... in that Edward and Bella way, actually. You see, Zachary was Miranda's guardian angel, but thanks to a few complications, he is now on earth and has to win back her soul before he can return to heaven. Zachary has know Miranda since she was born, and even though she was never aware of his existence before, they have an undeniably magnetic connection.

So, while it's not a totally new tale, I did enjoy this work of vampire fiction. It kinda felt like a hybrid of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones and Meyer's Twilight. Kinda. I would recommend this book to teens who enjoyed the aforementioned tomes, or who are looking for vampire/supernatural creature fiction in general. While this book is definitely a stand-alone title, it takes place in the same world as Leitich Smiths first novel, Tantalize.

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