Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Suicide Notes-- Michael Thomas Ford

Do you remember what it was like to experience a humiliation so terrible, that just not existing seems like the only solution? It's been a while for me (thankfully!!) but I remember feeling that way a lot in High School... and Jr. High for that matter.

In Suicide Notes we meet Jeff, a fifteen year old teen who celebrated the New Year by slitting his wrists and waking up in the psych ward of the local hospital. But the Jeff we meet doesn't seem depressed. In fact, he seems witty, with-it, silly, fun, and like a totally normal teen... except he's in the psych ward and has bandages on his wrists. Even meeting the other teens in the ward, all through Jeff's perspective mind you, gives the feeling that Jeff is totally alright and he just made a silly little mistake.

But then, as a good book (and good therapy) often does, little by little outer layers are removed, and we can see Jeff for who he really is. Without giving to much away, I will say this book deals with issues of friendship, trust, sexuality, and family all through Jeff's authentically teenage voice.

I would recommend this to teens who want books like Brent Runyan's Burn Journals, Peter Cameron's Someday this Pain will be Useful to You, Patricia McCormick's Cut, and maybe Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why.


A Face in A Crowd said...

Hey-I just stumbled onto your blog and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I've been looking for 'Suicide Notes' for quite a while and I saw where you reviewed it! I've read all of the other recomendations that you gave for people who liked this book and I was wondering if you bought the book or if you checked it out from a local library. Hope to hear from you soon!


HydroJen said...

I'm glad you like my blog! To answer your question, I checked the book out from my local public library. I hope you enjoy Suicide Notes!

A Face in A Crowd said...