Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twelve Long Months-- Brian Malloy

So I finished this book on Tuesday, and it's been sitting on my desk at work waiting for a blog post... and here it is, Thursday afternoon and I've already forgotten much of the plot. This can't be a good sign.

Still, I did find things about this book to enjoy. Twelve Long Months is the story of a Minnesota girl named Molly, who moves to NYC to attend Columbia. In her small hometown, she is a nothing-- a nerdy girl (valedictorian, actually) whose chemistry lab partner, Mark, copies all of her tests. Predictably, she is in love with him, and equally predictably, he is totally unattainable to her. When she finds out he is moving east as well, she is elated. Surprisingly, Mark is excited too... but not for any of the reason Molly wishes. After moving into her dorm Molly makes some loyal girlfriends in that we just got to college, but we are already best friends way. When they go out dancing at a gay club, Molly sees Mark... and realizes that the love of her life is actually gay.

The story meanders on. Molly gets a boyfriend. Molly and Mark's characters become slightly fleshed out, but are still a bit too one-dimensional for my personal reading taste. There are a few plot twists. There is resolution at the end, but not the cheesy-fake-everything is perfect kind. And while I did enjoy Twelve Long Months while reading it, overall what I really just want to say is "Meh".

This book might be good for girls who like to read about unrequited love, gay characters, friendship, college, or relationships.

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